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Juvenile Crimes

Every parent's worst nightmare is discovering their child has been charged with a crime. What parents don't understand is that once accused, there are many steps that can be taken to ensure their child is treated fairly. It is important to contact a lawyer right away.

Do the police have to let me see my child?

If your child is 14 years or older, police officers may treat your child as an adult. No parent is required to be present during any interrogation or other stage of a police investigation. Your child will be advised of his or her constitutional rights to an attorney and will be placed in the uncomfortable position of either exercising that right, or making the grave mistake of providing a statement. If a child asks for his mom or dad, the police can refuse. Tell your child to ask for a lawyer.

How long will the police keep my child in jail?

In some cases, the police will release a child to their parent within several hours. Other times, your child will have to wait to see the judge. Sometimes there will merely be a summons provided or a ticket written. Finally, your child may be whisked off to some holding facility for children in need of care.

If your child is arrested, make sure you call an attorney immediately. There are steps that can be taken to place your child in the best position when they finally see a judge.

Depending on the crime charged and your child's criminal history, a judge can order your child detained indefinitely. It is important to consult an attorney.

Is a felony the same for a child as an adult?

Yes and No. A felony for a child is not exactly the same as for an adult; however, if convicted, a felony could remain on the child's record forever. Depending on the type of crime, many juvenile crimes are not expungeable.

Over time, juvenile crimes have become more and more similar to that of adult crimes. Crimes remain on records longer. More children face potential time in a jail or correctional facilities. More felony convictions require children to register as offenders. The law now makes it easier to waive a child to adult status, and if not waived, allows for extended juvenile jurisdiction. All of these changes make it that much more important to hire an attorney.

What is this letter I received from the Court? What should I do?

Any many jurisdictions, parents will receive a letter from the court asking them to assist their child in filling out information regarding the crime in which they are accused. DO NOT SEND THIS PAPERWORK BACK to the court without first consulting an attorney. A statement made on a court's information worksheet can and will be used against your child if you later decide to fight the charges and proceed to trial.

Can my child have a jury trial?

Yes. Every juvenile charged with a felony is entitled to a jury trial "if requested." It is important you hire an attorney to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of requesting a jury trial.

My Child's Legal Defense?

When defending your child against any type of criminal charge, call the Stone Law Office immediately. Gary D. Stone will assist you in making the right decision for your child. What parents fail to recognize is that a conviction in juvenile court can potentially affect your child for the rest of their life. A conviction could affect your child's ability to gain admittance into some colleges. A conviction could disqualify your child from many employment opportunities. Some convictions can affect your child's ability to earn certain governmental benefits. A conviction could eliminate your child's right to possess a firearm. Finally, a conviction will hurt your child if they are ever in trouble again.

Call the Stone Law Office if your child is charged with any type of traffic infraction, misdemeanor or felony.

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