Beat Criminal Charges

Rarely, if ever, are criminal investigations conducted in the manner portrayed on television police dramas like “CSI,” “Law and Order,” or “Bones.” Most police departments face budgetary and manpower constraints that impact their ability to check alternative leads, track down witnesses and perform all necessary forensic tests.

Under time constraints, police often assess whatever preliminary evidence is available and form a “working theory” of what they believe happened. Often, evidence that contradicts this theory and isn’t supported by any hard physical evidence is overlooked which can lead to a wrongful conviction. You need an experienced attorney who can redirect the investigating agency, and keep you protected.

Aggressive Defense — State And Federal Crimes

At the Stone Law Office, we provide effective legal representation to residents of Kansas and Missouri who are facing criminal charges. We regularly consult with forensic experts, lab technicians, hair and fiber analysts, weapons experts and other professionals to defend people accused of the committing crimes, involving:

  • Federal and state drug offenses — Drug possession, distribution and trafficking
  • Federal criminal offenses — Tax fraud, money laundering, bank robbery and extortion
  • DUI/drunk driving — First DUI, multiple DUIs and refusal to submit violations
  • Violent crimes — Assault and battery, sexual assault and murder
  • Weapons offenses — Unlawful possession and illegal discharge
  • Traffic violations — Excessive speeding, reckless endangerment and DUI
  • Property crimes — Theft, burglary and robbery charges

Protect Your Rights

If convicted of a felony, you will lose certain civil liberties, including:

  • The right to own or possess a firearm: Both the federal and state courts adhere to strict sentencing guidelines that prohibit a convicted felon from exercising his or her constitutional right to bear arms.
  • The right to vote: Your voice in our democratic nation will be lost. Convicted felons are limited in their right to vote.
  • The right to freedom from search and seizure: Based on the severity of the crime committed and in accordance with state and federal sentencing guidelines, if convicted of the criminal charges against you, a judge will either sentence you to prison or place you on probation. While on probation or parole, your supervising officer has the right to enter and search your property for any unlawful items. If the officers find any, you may face further charges or revocation of your probation.

Once charged, you have just one chance to get your defense right. You need an experienced criminal defense lawyer dedicated to vigorously defend your rights. Attorney Gary D. Stone, is not afraid to take your case all the way to trial. As a former Assistant District Attorney, Mr. Stone has the depth of knowledge and experience necessary to defend you against the most serious felony criminal charges.

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