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Serious Representation For Federal Charges

If law enforcement officers have investigated or indicted you for federal crimes, you may face severe penalties if you’re convicted. Prior convictions or related weapons or drug charges will add numerous years to your prison sentence. You need immediate legal counsel from a qualified attorney to avoid the worst.

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At the Stone Law Office, located in Kansas City, attorney Gary D. Stone represents federal crime defendants throughout the state of Kansas. He is a veteran trial lawyer who is equipped to handle a full spectrum of federal court charges, including:

  • Mail and wire fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • Kidnapping
  • Internet or cybercrimes
  • Bribery
  • Arson
  • Money laundering
  • Drug possession with intent to sell, drug-dealing or sale of controlled substances
  • Gambling
  • Murder

When the government brings charges under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act, convictions can result in property and asset forfeiture, high fines and extensive prison sentences. Any individual allegedly harmed can also file a civil lawsuit for damages.

Federal Drug Crimes And Sentencing Enhancements

Merely possessing a certain quantity of a controlled substance – for example, cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine, ecstasy and others – can trigger federal charges. The actual charges will depend on the weight or amount of the drugs, whether you also possessed other drugs, evidence of a conspiracy and prior offenses. The law mandates minimum sentencing of five years, 10 years or even life in federal prison. Possessing a gun at the time of your arrest, even if it is not on your person, can increase your sentence and disqualify you from sentence reduction programs. Enhancements for firearms, conspiracy or prior offenses can double or even triple the sentence. Sentencing guidelines are complex but not inflexible. An agreement negotiated by an experienced lawyer may shave years off your sentence.

Aggressive Defense In Federal Court

Because of the seriousness of federal charges, you need an experienced attorney who knows the federal court system, in which the rules of evidence and procedure are very different from state court. Federal crimes have a shorter window for speedy trial (70 days), and your lawyer must be able to act quickly to find flaws in the prosecution’s case. Attorney Stone limits the number of cases he takes in order to give prompt, full attention to each client. He has more than two decades of criminal trial experience, including as a former Wyandotte County, Kansas, prosecutor.

After reviewing your circumstances and the government’s evidence, Mr. Stone will attempt to exclude evidence or get charges dismissed based on any violations of your rights, such as an illegal search and seizure. He will advise you about the merits of:

  • Challenging the charge at trial – Mr. Stone has successfully defended state and federal crime defendants before a judges and juries. Convictions may carry full penalties.
  • Plea negotiation – Prosecutors may agree to have you plead guilty to lesser charges or penalties based on weaknesses in the case (unreliable witnesses, police errors) or if you can demonstrate that you were a minor or minimal participant during the crime.
  • Cooperation – It may be possible for Mr. Stone to negotiate with the U.S. attorney for a downward departure or reduced sentence if you agree to assist the government. He always prepares a case for trial and only recommends such a course of action if it is the defendant’s wish and substantially helps the defendant in their case.

Free Consultation With An Experienced Federal Crimes Lawyer

Whether the police arrested you for drug possession or sale or you are involved in an investigation by other law enforcement officials, your rights and your freedom are in jeopardy. Contact the Stone Law Office immediately to discuss your options. Call 913-601-8685 or call Mr. Stone directly (after hours/weekends).