Are You Facing Serious Drug Charges?

If convicted on drug dealing charges, you could face a number of years in prison, hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines, and a criminal record. If arrested selling drugs within 1,000 feet of a school, your prison sentence will increase. Even if drugs were found on you, proving whether or not you intended to sell them is another issue.

At the criminal defense Stone Law Office, we understand the tactics used by police and investigators when building cases against people charged with possession of drugs with the intent to distribute. We consult with private investigators and thoroughly review the actions and decisions of law enforcement. If a search of your car or home was involved, we identify deviations from proper police procedure that may involve violations of your constitutional rights.

Before you talk with prosecutors or agree to a plea of “guilty,” contact drug crimes defense attorney Gary D. Stone today to schedule a free consultation and discuss your case.

Informants and Drug Dealing Charges

It’s not uncommon for investigators and prosecutors to work with informants. In cases involving drug dealing, people who face serious charges of their own may be offered a reduced sentence or probation if they agree to inform on you. Unfortunately, informants don’t always have the moral scruples necessary to tell the truth. As a former prosecutor, Gary D. Stone is experienced identifying questionable testimony offered by self-interested informants looking for a deal that will get them out of jail. That’s why we are prepared to investigate informants and expose deals with prosecutors that should cause jurors to question whether or not they are telling the truth.

Sentencing in Drug Dealing Charges Cases

If you are convicted for dealing drugs, the sentence you face depends on a number of factors. While the state of Kansas has guidelines relative to the amount and kind of drugs involved, judges have some discretion. As your attorney, Gary D. Stone works hard to reduce the sentence against his clients. Willingness to enter a drug rehabilitation program, perform community service, talk to young people about the dangers of drugs, or other possibilities can convince the court to lessen your sentence.

If you’ve been arrested on drug dealing charges, contact criminal defense attorney Gary D. Stone today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case.