Aggressive Criminal Defense Against All Federal, State Or Municipal Drug Charges

If the police arrest you for drug possession or any drug crime, you only have one chance to get your defense right. The knowledge and skill of your legal counsel can make a huge difference in the outcome of your case.

At Stone Law Office, we review the actions of arresting officers and investigators to determine if there was an illegal search or if investigators overstepped in using informants against you. We’re also prepared to defend you if the government initiates a civil forfeiture action and attempts to seize any of your assets or personal property.

Attorney Gary D. Stone will defend you against all drug offenses, including:

  • Drug possession
  • Drug trafficking
  • Drug sale
  • Drug distribution
  • Drug conspiracy
  • Marijuana charges
  • Federal drug charges

Understanding Drug Charges And Penalties

In Kansas, misdemeanor drug offenses involving marijuana and low-level drug possession cases are often punishable by probation in lieu of jail, whereas possession of any controlled substance (cocaine, meth, ecstasy, legal narcotics without a prescription) is a felony offense. Depending on the nature of the offense, prior convictions and other factors trigger sentencing guidelines that provide for prison terms ranging from one year to life imprisonment.

The Stone Law Office will thoroughly investigate your drug case to determine whether the arresting officer respected your constitutional rights. Did the officer have a valid reason to stop your vehicle or search you for drugs? Did the officer illegally seize property or detain you? If the police violated your rights, the Stone Law Office will do everything in its power to suppress the resulting evidence in court.

Protecting Your Rights And Fighting Drug Charges — Free Initial Consultation

Gary D. Stone is a former assistant district attorney, who uses his knowledge of defendants’ rights, plea-bargaining skills and trial experienced to your advantage.

Contact the Stone Law Office immediately to discuss your drug possession, intent to sell, conspiracy or other drug charge. Mr. Stone will explain your rights, discuss your options, and guide you to the best possible outcome under your circumstances. Call our Kansas City, Kansas, office at 913-281-6601, or contact Mr. Stone directly on evenings or weekends at 816-516-8000 or via our online contact form.