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Your Best Chance For A Second Chance

If you think you have violated conditions of your probation or parole, contact the Stone Law Office immediately. Attorney Gary D. Stone will help you get a second chance, or work with the prosecutors and judge to minimize the negative consequences of your violation.

Gary D. Stone is a former Wyandotte County, Kansas, prosecutor with 12 years of experience in probation violations and criminal law. The Stone Law Office, located in Kansas City represents clients in Kansas City, Lenexa, Overland Park, and throughout the Kansas City metro area and surrounding counties.

Be Proactive – Contact A Qualified Attorney Right Away

Prompt action is the key to avoiding probation revocation. There are two cases in which a judge can revoke your probation, and require you to serve the original jail sentence:

  • Breaking the terms of a probation contract (e.g., failing a drug screen, not reporting to your probation officer, skipping treatment, or not paying court-ordered restitution)
  • Committing a new crime while on probation

If you act quickly after a minor violation, the Stone Law Office can help. Mr. Stone can schedule a court hearing and present evidence that you are complying with terms and making amends. If it is your first violation, the court could reinstate your probation or close the case.

Mr. Stone will devise strategies in an effort to (a) avoid revocation of your probation and/or (b) negotiate the lowest jail term possible for your circumstances. Before your hearing, you should reconnect with your probation officer, pay fines or restitution, enter treatment, or otherwise demonstrate to the court your commitment to “straighten up.” Mr. Stone is an experienced lawyer in probation revocation matters. The Stone Law Office may be able to refer you to an appropriate treatment program, or develop a program that might convince the judge to allow you to remain on probation despite your earlier non-compliance.

Note: You do not receive credit for probation time served. For example, suppose you made it through five months of a one-year probation before violating the terms. The judge then revokes your probation and orders you to serve the original suspended jail sentence of 12 months with the Kansas Department of Corrections. The court will not take five months off your jail term – you must serve the full underlying sentence.

Free Consultation: 913-601-8685

Contact Gary D. Stone immediately to discuss your case. He will give you an honest assessment of the likely outcome, and act quickly to prevent the court from revoking your probation. Your initial consultation is free and major credit cards are accepted.