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Experienced Representation Against Murder And Homicide Charges

Even if you have been falsely accused or the death was an accident, when you are involved or are suspected of being involved in a homicide (also known as murder), it is critical to consult with a qualified criminal defense lawyer before you make any statements to the police. Law enforcement and prosecutors can use anything you say against you in court, even if you think you are clearing your name or merely explaining “a big misunderstanding.” If the police begin to question you, the only words you should say are, “I want an attorney.” Your freedom may depend on exercising this constitutional right.

At the Stone Law Office, you are innocent until proven guilty. Prosecutors and police should also see it that way, but, frequently, they do not. Every piece of evidence they collect – DNA, fingerprints, fibers, witness accounts, even your own words – adds a brick to the walls of your prison cell. The job of attorney Gary D. Stone is to knock holes in that wall by aggressively challenging the prosecution’s case, brick by brick, to win your freedom or minimize your sentence.

Strong Defense Against Homicide Charges

It is possible to protect yourself even before you are charged. If the police have charged you with murder, then your defense must begin immediately. Attorney Stone, has experience defending against the most serious felony criminal charges, including:

  • Murder in the first degree
  • Murder in the second degree
  • Voluntary manslaughter
  • Involuntary manslaughter
  • Vehicular homicide
  • Capital murder

Free Initial Consultation With A Former Prosecutor

The consequences of conviction are too severe to rely on inexperienced legal counsel. First-degree murder carries a prison term of life imprisonment without the possibility of parole for up to 50 years. The penalty for felony murder (death that occurs during the commission of a violent felony) is life imprisonment without the possibility of parole for at least 20 years. Even second-degree reckless homicide (unintentional murder) carries a minimum sentence of approximately nine years.

As a former assistant district attorney, Mr. Stone will zealously defend your rights. He is committed to offering personal attention to and respect for his clients, and he personally handles every aspect of your case.

Free Initial Consultation

Call 913-601-8685 (office) to speak with an aggressive criminal defense lawyer today. You can also contact the firm online. Mr. Stone offers free initial consultations.