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Domestic Battery

Kansas City, Kansas Domestic Violence Attorney

If convicted for domestic battery, you may be sentenced to jail, fined, and left with a criminal record. If you have custody or child visitation rights, they could be suspended or revoked. Additionally, a restraining order may be issued against you. If a restraining order is issued, by federal law you cannot own any firearms. And, depending on the nature of the restraining order, you will be required to vacate the premises of any house or apartment you share with the person protected by the restraining order.

At the Stone Law Office, Gary D. Stone defends people accused of domestic violence. As former criminal prosecutor, Mr. Stone realizes police often arrest the husband, ex-husband, or boyfriend in order to diffuse a situation, regardless of whether he was guilty of assault and battery.

Don't let a charge of domestic violence lead to jail, the loss of your job, and a permanent criminal record. To discuss your case in a free, confidential consultation, contact domestic battery lawyer Gary D. Stone today.

Defending Yourself against Domestic Battery Charges

When neighbors call the police after hearing a loud argument, the police are primarily interested in preventing a domestic dispute from escalating. When they arrive on the scene, they rarely conduct extensive interviews or try and determine in any great detail, who was responsible for the fight. In the vast majority of cases, they will remove the male and arrest him on domestic violence charges. In cases where cuts and bruises indicate physical violence, the police won't determine who the aggressor was or whether the male involved acted in self-defense.

As your attorney, Gary D. Stone interviews eyewitnesses, checks emergency room records, and reviews police reports to determine what happened. Mr. Stone makes sure to tell our client's side of the story, to put what happened in context so all the facts are presented. If necessary, he will request that the alleged victim be given a psychological evaluation in order to determine if depression, drug or alcohol abuse, or bi-polar disorder could have played a role in what happened.

When a Plea Bargain Makes Sense

If you are guilty of domestic violence, the court may reduce your sentence if you agree to counseling and getting help for any drug or alcohol problems you might have. As your lawyer, Mr. Stone can help you evaluate your options and ask the court to consider a reduction in charges or sentencing. If you already have a criminal record for assault or domestic violence, you may be able to reduce the sentence against you by participating in an ankle-monitoring program as well.

To discuss your case and evaluate the options available to you, contact domestic violence attorney Gary D. Stone today to schedule a free

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